Dogs Available For Adoption

Dogs Available to Adopt through Saving Souls Animal Rescue

This page details all the dogs available for adoption. Most of the dogs available for adoption are in Cyprus looking for forever loving homes in the UK. A small number are already in the UK in kennels or foster.

Adoption Fees:

  • If the dog is a neutered adult traveling from Cyprus to the UK the adoption fee will likely be £650
  • If the dog is a un-neutered puppy (because it is too young at the time of travel) traveling from Cyprus to the UK the adoption fee will likely be roughly £600, and the puppy will be subject to a neutering contract when old enough
  • The adoption fees include the dogs travel to the UK, this may vary depending on the rescue shelter and whether there is funding available to help with their travel costs, so please do look on each individual dog for their adoption fee. Sadly flights and courier fees have gone up due to Brexit and covid so our adoption fee has had to go up to cover these increased costs.
  • If the dog is already in the UK we ask for an adoption fee of £375 to cover the costs incurred to prepare the dog for adoption
  • Adoption fee includes transport costs (if traveling from Cyprus), vaccinations, micro chip implant, neutering of adult dogs, pre-flight vet checks and blood tests, and have their own pet passport
  • On arrival in the UK there is an additional fee of £20 for the micro chip registration

Puppies under 12 weeks – you can apply for a puppy under 12 weeks but they cannot fly until they are 12 weeks old.

Please click on the dogs picture and it will take you to some more information about them where you can also apply to adopt them. You can also visit our Facebook group to see videos of the dogs.

Please read all about our adoption process before applying to adopt a dog.

If you think you could offer any of them a loving home in the UK and would like more information about them then click on the “Enquire About A Dog” button below and submit the form and we will reply as soon as we can. Be sure to check your email is entered correctly so we can reply.

You can filter the album below on category. Note that dogs ages are estimated by vets. The dogs marked as “could live with cats” or “could live with children” are the ones that have been specifically tested with cats or children, if you like a dog and it doesn’t mention whether they can live with cats or children or not then please contact us to request a test.

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