Rules of Play – Dog Training

Jasmina playing tug with her family

Rules of Play – Dog Training

Rules of Play – Dog Training: Teaching a dog to play Tuggy is great for bonding and interacting but can also be very useful for Recall. A dog can learn that the best game he ever needs can be with you and this can keep him from running off looking for someone or something else to play with! A couple of brief (2 or 3 minutes) play sessions a day should be enough to keep your dog wanting more and looking forward to his next game. But as with all games, rules need to apply.

The Rules of the Game

  1. A command like ‘take it’ should be given, to let the dog know when he is allowed to take hold of the toy. 
  2. If the dog jumps up to snatch the toy before you are ready, lift the toy high up above your head. (this should never be done with dogs known for mouthing,aggression around toys or dogs that lunge at people when over excited) until he stops. Lower it again and repeat until you can hold it at waist height without the dog jumping.  Remember, he needs to wait to be asked to play. 
  3. Don’t let go of the toy, this is a game for person and dog, not a chance for him to run off with the toy!
  4. Keep the game brief, a few minutes is plenty.
  5. The dog needs to give the toy up when asked. Commands like ‘drop’ or ‘give’ can be taught. When the dog has the toy in his mouth, offer a treat, as he drops the toy to take the treat, say ‘drop’ . Eventually the treat won’t be needed. If the dog 

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