Foster Agreement

This Foster Agreement is the basis of a contract between you and Saving Souls Animal Rescue to ensure the welfare of your new foster dog. It is important that you take time to read it carefully and commit to all of our conditions of fostering.

Adoption Contract Form

Thank you so much for choosing to foster a dog through Saving Souls Animal Rescue. We passionately care about the fact there are so many dogs in the UK and worldwide looking for homes and you have just changed the world for one dog.

To accept a dog, or dogs, on a fostering basis requires total commitment. Please read carefully the conditions below before signing. This is a legally binding agreement.

Your signature on this form indicates that you understand and agree to:

  • The dog is and will remain the Legal Property of Saving Souls Animal Rescue
  • As a Foster Carer, I will provide any foster dog with all the care and attention necessary to ensure its health and wellbeing. This will include providing sufficient food, water, grooming, basic training, socialising and exercise
  • I agree not to pre-diagnose or treat any health problems of my own accord and seek veterinary guidance.
  • I will take the dog for health checks with the vet and keep up to date with all flea, worm, vaccinations or any other medications.  For Leishmaniasis I will ensure the dog has 6-monthly blood tests.
  • I will ensure that the dog will wear a collar with identification and will not be allowed out unattended. I will ensure that the dog also have a secure harness fitted when taken out and will not be allowed out unattended. I will ensure that I will not let the dog off lead at any time, other than in a secure garden, until such a time that you are confident in the dogs recall and on agreement with Saving Souls Animal Rescue.
  • I will not leave the dog alone in the home for longer than 4 hours or overnight unsupervised
  • I agree that I am fully responsible for the dog and that any children in my home will not be allowed any responsibility for the dog or allowed to walk the dog without a responsible adult.
  • I agree to assess and photograph a dog so that they can be added to the website and keep Saving Souls Animal Rescue up to date with his/her progress.
  • I agree not to advertise the foster dog on social media before it is advertised on our social media and website.
  • If in the event the dog is lost or stolen, I will inform Saving Souls Animal Rescue and the proper authorities as soon as is practically possible.
  • I understand that I/we must not re-home any dog myself/ourselves; all dogs must be rehomed through Saving Souls Animal Rescue.
  • Unless in case of extreme emergency, I will give Saving Souls Animal Rescue at least 48 hours’ notice if I wish a dog to be removed and will give at least four weeks’ notice of a holiday.
  • I understand that if a foster dog needs to be moved from my/our home it must only be done with agreement of Saving Souls Animal rescue.
  • I understand that no foster dog should be passed on to anyone else without Saving Souls Animal Rescue’s knowledge and without home checks in place.
  • I will promptly notify Saving Souls Animal Rescue of any changes in address, email address and/or telephone number(s).
  • I agree not to discuss anything relating to Saving Souls Animal Rescue, which may be considered confidential, with third parties.
  • I agree to allow access to the dog at any reasonable time by a Saving Souls Animal Rescue representative and to the immediate removal of the dog upon demand should this be deemed necessary.
  • I agree to allow new adopters to meet and greet/adopt the dog/s at a pre-arranged date & time once they have passed a successful homecheck.
  • I agree that I am fully responsible for any damage caused by the dog/s in my care to my home, car or any other establishment if I leave the dog/s unsupervised.
  • I agree to promote Saving Souls Animal Rescue in a positive manner at all times, and agree to provide new adopters with all the necessary paperwork when my foster dog is adopted, to ensure a professional adoption process.
  • I declare that I am over 21 years of age.
  • We will provide 100% back up for our Fosterers and will pay any necessary costs incurred by them on production of a receipt, provided this has been previously agreed. Please email us if you have any concerns any time.
  • Please read and agree to our Terms and Conditions

Foster Agreement

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I agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Fostering as detailed

What Happens Next?

What happens next?

  1. Prepare for your dogs arrival, you will need a slip lead when you collect your dog. We also advise you to get a harness, double lead and long line.
  2. Please join our adopters Facebook group Saved Souls so we can keep updated on their progress.

Thank you for fostering through Saving Souls Animal Rescue.

If you would rather download the form to send us then you can download it here: