Success Stories

This page will be filled with our success stories and our dogs living the dream of happiness and love. Every dog has a desperate story and plight. We re-home hundreds of dogs each year so couldn’t possibly post them all on this page, but here are just a few of our success stories we’d like to share with you. Some of them are special because their freedom flights have been paid for by our supporters through fund-raisers and it’s so important to share the good news and for our supporters to see how their donations have been spent.

Visit our Adopter Reviews to see what our current adopters have to say about us.

success stories
Dylan half starved and given up on life
success stories
Dylan now living the dream in a loving home in the UK


Dylan had given up on life. When we first saw him it broke our hearts. Standing in a grotty cage with his head down half starved and just everything was hopeless for him. He was rescued and taken to kennels in Cyprus for all the love and care he needed with Vaso. There he learnt to be loved and return affection, to trust and find that the world is not all bad.

In December 2020 he flew to his forever home in the UK and is now living the dream thanks to his wonderful adopted family.


Lucy was 11 years old and the longest resident at Aradippou Dog Shelter. She had been at the shelter for 8 long years, sharing her shelter with one other dog who was blind.

The most interesting thing that Lucy ever did was go to the vets. She would spend day and night bored in her cage, sleeping on concrete floors and in a wooden kennel.

In October 2020, we did a fund-raiser to pay for her freedom flight and in November 2020 she boarded the happy plane to live the dream on a farm in South Bristol UK.

Zakos cani-crossing


Zakos was found as a stray when he was very young. He was taken in by one shelter that then closed down and he went to another shelter, but needed to find a home. After some time promoting him on our site, in April 2021 he finally flew to his forever home in the UK and this is what his new mum has to say about him:

“Mr Zakos well where do I start! After loosing my beloved border collie to kidney failure at the start of 2021 I needed to find another fur baby to help me heal.

Zakos arrived to us at the end of April. We were so nervous and didn’t know what to expect. He had been in a shelter for a couple of years and had never been into a house.

He arrived petrified and scared of everything (although he stole my slipper the minute he came into the house ha!) After around three days of leaving him to settle his personality shone through. He was cheeky and made the sofa his new bed so much so we had to upgrade to a bigger one so he could all fit.

Because his prey drive is so high I am unable to let him off the lead so came up with a solution to burn off some energy canicrossing!!! He is now my new running partner and we have entered a number of races. He brings so much joy to our lives and after a lot of patience and hard work he is blossoming into a wonderful dog. I couldn’t imagine my life without him.”

Ozzy – finally home


Ozzy was taken into rescue as a puppy at Stray Haven Dog Sanctuary. He waited 5 long years in his outside shelter, come rain, wind and 45 degree heat.

After endlessly promoting him at Saving Souls Animal Rescue he finally found his forever home and travelled there in August 2021.

A note from his wonderful adopted family:

“Rescuing Ozzy had been a fabulous experience. We find out a little more of his character every day. He’s a sweet, gentle boy who’s great with other dogs. He has fit into our family with ease. I can’t imagine life without him. I couldn’t recommend rescuing a dog from Cyprus more.”