Dog Adoption Policy and Procedure

Dog adoption policy and procedure
Poppy on her first holiday to the beach with her family

Here is the Saving Souls Animal Rescue Dog Adoption Policy and Procedure.

If you would like to apply to adopt one of our gorgeous dogs we do have a strict procedure to ensure we find the right match for the dog and their family.

  1. Please look through the dogs we have available and contact one of the rescue team to make inquiries and to apply, either via our enquiry button on the dog your are interested in via email, via our Facebook Page or send Jan Appleby a Message direct on Facebook Messenger.
  2. We assess every dog individually, some may be able to be re-homed with cats, some may not, some may be able to be re-homed with children, some may only be able to be re-homed with older children due to their size. This is a very personal process and every effort is made to match the right dog with the right family ensuring that our dogs have the home they deserve for life.
  3. Once you have spoken with a member of the rescue team about the dog(s) you are interested in and you are identified as a good match for the dog, you will need to fill in the Application form and submit it (we can provide a form that you can return by email or post if required). You can see all the Dogs we have available for adoption here and on our Facebook group.
  4. Once received a member of the rescue team will be in touch to discuss your application – each application is judged fairly and has the best interest of the dogs at heart.
  5. If the rescue team would like to take your application forward, a home check can be arranged. This does take a good few days as we will use a volunteer home checking service.
  6. The home check will be completed and a report will be sent through to the rescue team. The general requirement will be for a secure garden and 6 foot high fencing.
  7. All being well the rescue team will discuss adoption fees and the logistics of collection of your dog. Many of the dogs are still in Cyprus so will need to fly over. You will need to collect your dog from an agreed collection point.
  8. Once you have your dog and their Pet Passport you will need to register their microchip details in your name, you can do this using our online Microchip Registration Form.

The whole process can be lengthy but I think you can see from our website and social media pages it’s so worth the wait! 

Each of our dogs are health tested and behaviour tested and any issues are discussed at length with potential adopters. We believe in being totally transparent about a dog to ensure they are matched with the right family for life.

Some dogs may have been diagnosed with Leishmaniasis (commonly referred to as Leish), a disease carried by Sand Flies in Cyprus that don’t exist over here. This is an illness that is easily treated and the dogs go on to lead a happy, normal life with just one pill a day. There is plenty of support on this disease as can be seen on our Leishmaniasis in Dogs page.

At Saving Souls Animal Rescue we fully appreciate that your experience of taking a rescue dog into your home should be rewarding, up lifting and exciting and we try very hard to ensure you enjoy every moment of it from start to finish. There is full UK rescue back up should it be required.

We are always on hand for a chat to discuss any questions or queries you may have and once you have adopted we are always here for any advice.

We also insist that we get lots of updates on your new addition as that is our reward for all the hard work that goes in to each and every rescue. We have a dedicated Facebook group, Saved Souls, for our Adopters to share their experiences and post photos and videos of the adopted dogs enjoying life outside a cage and being loved.

What’s included in your Adoption Fee:

  • Vaccinations: Including distemper, parvovirus, rabies and DHPP depending on your location
  • Neutering/Spaying: If they are an adult dog they will come neutered/spayed. If they are a puppy or too young to be neutered/spayed then they will come to you with a neutering contract
  • Full Blood Tests: For heartworm, Ehrlichia, Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis and Leishmaniasis. As an adopter you will be made fully aware of the dogs health and any medical conditions it may have before it travels
  • Micro-chipping: and we’ll register your dog in your name on arrival, all you need to do is fill in our Microchip Registration Form
  • Pet Passport
  • Flight and Courier: if travelling from Cyprus

Adoption Fees

Adoption fee for an adult dog flying from Cyprus is £650*. 

Adoption fee for an adult dog or puppy already in the UK is £375*.

Adoption fee for a puppy flying from Cyprus is £600*.

*Microchip registration is £20 on top of the adoption fee, which is carried out by the rescue team on your behalf once the dog is in your care. To register your dog’s microchip fill in our Microchip Registration Form.

Our Dog Adoption Policy and Procedure is put in place to ensure the welfare of the dog and the best match for the dog can be found.