No Means No – Dog Training

No means No - Dog Training
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No Means No – Dog Training

No Means No – Dog Training: Sometimes when we have a bad experience with other dogs with our dog we can sometimes become tense and a bit worried causing the dog to react to other dogs, often by the time we get help our dog has forgotten how to interact with other dogs and this is something that can be difficult to change. It is important when doing this training that you assess every situation and keep you and everyone around you safe. During a consult with a behaviourist you would have been shown you how to use the lead and how to shorten the lead whilst keeping it loose but being in control. If you are still unsure you need to turn away from the ‘trigger’ and casually get your dog to follow you. 

How to Play No Means No

  1. When your dog reacts to something, even if it is lunging forward calmly tell him ‘No’ 
  2. Walk him away from the distraction and wait for him to be calm and quiet 
  3. Once he is calm tell him ‘good boy’ or ‘good choice’ and reward
  4. At this point you can turn back to walk in the direction you were originally going. 
  5. Repeat this every time he begins lunging and barking until you can walk past the distraction safely without reaction.
  6. If you walk past the distraction and he does not react reward him whether it be a game of tug with a toy, a treat, verbal or physical praise make sure you tell him what a good boy he is. 

Some Points to Remember

  1. Remember to keep a loose lead 
  2. A tense lead can cause a dog to react, even if you should shorten the lead try and keep it loose. 
  3. Remember to keep everyone and everything around you safe, if a very narrow pathway move your dog into a garden or opening where you can practice your ‘look command. 
  4. Remember the new dog law always when out and about 
  5. Remember this is not easy going and not going to be an overnight fix and to be persistent and consistent. 

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