Best Harness for Rescue Dogs

You’ve found your perfect rescue dog, passed all the checks and are getting ready to welcome it into your home. Every adopter’s worst nightmare is losing their dog in the first few days or weeks of adopting them. There are 3 pieces of equipment we say are vital for an adopter with a new dog: Slip Lead, Harness and double attachment lead. What we recommend the best harness for rescue dogs is a 3-strap harness that means the dog cannot back out of the harness if the correct size is purchased and fitted correctly.

All these items can be purchase through Ashcroft Animal Accessories, if you mention Saving Souls Animal Rescue at checkout we get a 10% donation on each sale.

Best harness for rescue dog
Harness, slip lead and long line
Best harnesses for rescue dogs
Ashcroft Animal Accessories

Ashcroft Animal Accessories

Ashcroft Animal Accessories is an online shop with a difference. It offers a very personal service and contact with every customer to ensure as much as possible that every item you order if correct for your dogs needs and the correct size.

Ashcroft Animal Accessories stock the best harness for rescue dogs, the 3-strap harness.

For every sale through our recommendation we will receive a 10% donation.