About Us

Saving Souls Animal Rescue are a UK based rescue team, headed up by reputed rescuer Jan Appleby, that support small independent rescue shelters in Cyprus, who save 1000s dogs from devastating situations, and help them rehome their dogs to loving homes in the UK.

All our dogs come:

  • Vaccinated
  • Neutered
  • With their own Pet Passport
  • Micro-chipped
  • Having had a Pre-flight Health Check
  • With a full blood test

The majority of our dogs are still in Cyprus and will have extra costs as their flights and transport need to be funded.

Typical adoption fee for an adult dog flying from Cyprus is £650*.

Typical adoption fee for a puppy flying from Cyprus is £600*.

Typical adoption fee for an adult dog or puppy already in the UK is £375*.

*Microchip registration is £20 on top of the adoption fee, which is carried out by the rescue team on your behalf once the dog is in your care. You can register your dog’s microchip using our Microchip Registration Form.

You can find out more about our Adoption Policy and Procedure and Dogs Available to Adopt.

Visit out Adopter Reviews to see what our current adopters has to say about us.

Saving Souls Animal Rescue

Saving Souls Animal Rescue

Saving Souls Animal Rescue kennels, Limassol, Cyprus

Saving Souls came about over 10 years ago when Jan Appleby and Vaso Mixail decided to form a rescue organisation to try and free the dogs desperate to escape the cages and pounds in Cyprus.

Vaso Mixail now takes private rescues to kennels in Cyprus, looks after them and cares for them until they find their forever homes in the UK. The UK team work at promoting the dogs, home-checking the adopters and then transporting the dogs from Cyprus to the UK.

Saving Souls also help the following independent rescue centres across Cyprus.

Registered Company Number: 13748029

Map of All the Independent Rescue Shelters Saving Souls Animal Rescue Supports

Map of Cyprus and the rescue shelters and sanctuaries we promote dogs for

Stray Haven Dog Rescue

Stray Haven Dog Rescue based Near Giolou, Paphos, Cyprus.

Website: www.strayhavendogrescue.com

Instagram: @strayhavencyprus

Facebook: @strayhavendogsheltergiolou

Email: hello@strayhavendogrescue.com

They offer shelter and vet treatment for abandoned dogs and can shelter and care for over 70 dogs. Whist being registered they receive NO funding or help from Government or Local Council – so they appreciate all donations however small.

All dogs are available for adoption, sponsoring or fostering all they ask is a donation to cover the costs they have incurred.

K9 Cyprus Rescue

K9 Cyprus Rescue, Nicosia, Cyprus, founded in 2014.

Facebook: @CyprusK9

K9’s basic goal is to develop and consolidate the sensitivity of the society and the state on the rights and welfare of animals and educate the public on caring for animals and animal welfare. The ultimate aim to bring a society where animals are in harmonious existence with humans.

Robert’s Dog Sanctuary

Robert’s Dog Sanctuary, Kantou, Cyprus

Website: robertsdogsanctuary.com

Facebook: @adoptadogcyprus

Email: robertsdogsanctuary100@gmail.com 

At Robert’s Dog Sanctuary there are 65 dogs today who wait in anticipation of loving homes. Many have been rescued from suffering on the streets as a result of being dumped by their owners. All are deserving of a forever home. They are not funded or sponsored by the government, relying solely on the kind hearts of volunteers

Dog Valley Rescue Centre

Dog Valley Rescue Centre, Limassol, Cyprus

Facebook: @dogvalleyrescuecentre

Instagram: @dogvalleyrescuecentre

Email: dogvalley@cytanet.com.cy

Dog Valley Rescue Center provides hope for dogs who have been abused and/or thrown out and are homeless. They care for 300 dogs from Paphos and Limassol providing shelter, food, medical care. They rehome many to England, Germany, Russia and other countries.

Nicosia Dog Shelter

Nicosia Dog Shelter, Nicosia, Cyprus

Email: ndsadoptions@gmail.com

Facebook: Nicosia Dog Rescue & Rehoming

Instagram: @nicosia_dog_shelter

Website: https://www.dogo-cy.com/

Argos Animal Sanctuary

Argos Animal Sanctuary, Ormidiea, Limassol, Cyprus

Website: www.argossanctuary.com

Email: argos@cytanet.com.cy

Argos Animal Sanctuary is a registered charity which was founded in the summer of 2008. Argos is a safe haven for abandoned, abused and injured animals in Cyprus – we provide safety, shelter and a life away from the streets. Help us protect them, care for them, and achieve our goal: to find a loving home for each one. All this we cannot do on our own, so help us give them the opportunity they deserve.

Aradippou Dog Shelter

Aradippou Dog Shelter

Aradippou Dog Shelter, Larnaca, Cyprus

Email: info@helpanimals.org.cy

Facebook: Aradippou DogShelter Page

Website: https://www.11pets.com/en/adopt/org/id/88419

Our Association (Association for the protection of Animals & Birds) has rehomed hundreds of dogs since we took responsibility of Aradippou Dog Shelter in September 2009.


  • We find good homes and families for homeless cats and dogs
  • We provide neutering of homeless cats
  • We care for wounded animals
  • We lobby for the effective implementation of animals and birds laws
  • We give guidance to people for the correct behaviour of their animals
  • We feed homeless dogs and cats in the area of Larnaca
  • We inform local authorities about abandoned or maltreated animals

Troulloi Cy Pound

Saving Souls Animal Rescue

Troulloi Cy Pound, Troulloi, Cyprus

Facebook: @TroulloiCyPoundDogs

Email and PayPal: Troullidogpound@gmail.com

Troulloi is a small village with many strays. Recently, they built a pound with 2 cages. They are run by only 2 volunteers and need as much help as they can get.


Saving Souls Animal Rescue

Kiti Cy Pound, Larnaca, Cyprus

Facebook: @KitCyPoundDogs

This Pound is 5 minutes from Larnaca airport. Its a little pound with 3 kennels and 1 small emergency kennel. Its a municipality pound run by Angela Allery and 3 other ladies taking it in shifts to feed, clean and exercise the dogs. They take in all the stray, abandoned and surrendered dogs of the village.

D.O.G Rescue Cyprus

Saving Souls Animal Rescue

Website: https://www.dalidogrescue.uk

Facebook: @dogrescuecyprus

D.O.G Rescue Cyprus (Dali Organized Group), also known as Dali Dog Rescue, helps abandoned, stray and neglected dogs giving them a chance to get a fresh start in life. Since 2010 we have saved over 5000 Dali Dogs, helping them find their forever homes with families in Cyprus, and the UK.

Most of our dogs come from Municipality pounds. Municipality pounds are KILL shelters with dogs killed after 15 days if no-one intervenes. So, every dog taken in by us from a pound has a chance to live and find their forever home. We could not do this without our supporters and are very grateful for their kind donations which help us continue to save the lives of as many dogs as we can.