Fostering Terms and Conditions


Please be advised that completing the Fostering Application Form is not a guarantee of fostering and Saving Souls Animal Rescue reserves the right to refuse any application that we feel will not suit the dog’s requirements.


Fosterers must be a minimum of 21 years of age.

Home Check:

We aim to have your home check carried out by one of our volunteers as soon as possible after receiving your Fostering Application Form – ideally within 2 weeks.


Saving Souls Animal Rescue will cover all vet costs for the duration.

All dogs are treated for parasitic infection before departure from Cyprus, but we recommend you take advice from your vet regarding treatment on arrival, as we cannot guarantee that the treatment administered upon departure will completely eradicate any parasitic infection.

All our dogs are blood tested for Ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease, Anaplamosis and Leishmania (diseases common in Mediterranean countries) prior to travel. However in a small number of cases it is possible for a disease to remain dormant for several years with no clinical signs or symptoms. For example, stress factors can cause Leishmania to become active but dogs who are quickly diagnosed can be treated effectively and live a happy life, with daily medication.

We also request that should your dog become ill that you contact us. We are always here to support you and our team and our Cyprus vets can often recognise the signs and symptoms of Mediterranean diseases much quicker than some UK vets as they have more experience of them. This can help a quick diagnosis and speedy recovery.

Saving Souls Animal Rescue does everything reasonably practicable to ensure the health of every dog. However, as a living being we are unable to guarantee the health of every dog and if a dog you are fostering becomes ill you must be prepared to take it for veterinary care as required. Costs will be reimbursed.


Most of our rescue dogs are neutered/spayed before flying, but on the occasion that they are too young for surgery, it is a compulsory condition of your fostering that you commit to arrange the neuter or spay the puppy once they are old enough and provide a vet’s written confirmation that this has been undertaken. This will be part of our follow up checks. Puppies under the age of 12 months and subject to development, may not be neutered/spayed before travel, and we will advise on an individual basis.

Follow Up:

Saving Souls Animal Rescue will stay in touch with you. We request that you keep us updated with any change to your contact details, including change of address. Saving Souls Animal Rescue have the right to remove the dog from your care if your circumstances have changed to the degree that they no longer meet our fostering criteria and, as such, would fail any future follow up home checks.


Saving Souls Animal Rescue CANNOT guarantee either the age, or the breed (or breeds), of a dog.


All our dogs are microchipped prior to travel, and are registered under our charity with PETtrac, for their safety at the point of entry to the UK.

Settling in:

We want your dog to settle in to your home, but some do take longer than others, so please be patient. We do not want dogs returned within a few days. You will not see the true character for possibly weeks to several months. Your foster dog needs time to get to know you and your home.


The Fosterer agrees to comply with all relevant regulations, legislation and laws concerning the welfare, control, responsible ownership and protection of animals including without limitation the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and Codes of Practice issued in England and Wales under the 2006 Act and to ensure that anyone with the temporary care of the animal also complies. This means providing for the animal’s health and wellbeing, and taking measures to ensure that the animal’s health is maintained, he/she is properly housed, fed, watered, socialised and exercised and receives appropriate veterinary care, including vaccination, regular worming and flea treatment.

Return of Dog:

Saving Souls Animal Rescue MUST be informed at any time of a change in circumstances and the dog returned to one of our volunteers where required. Our dog must never be handed over to any other person or UK Rescue. We always accept the return of our dogs.