Dog Rehoming Information Form

Firstly, we are so sorry to hear that you need to rehome your dog. It’s never an easy decision. We do not have facilities to take a dog into our care but we can promote a dog to be rehomed from your home. We will carry out home checks on any suitable applicants.

This dog rehoming information form is to allow you to provide as much information about the dog you need to rehome. The more information you give us the better chance we have of finding a successful match.

We will be changing an adoption fee for your dog in the region of £150. This money will pass to our rescue organisation as we will be providing rescue back up for your dog going forward.

Adoption Contract Form

Dog Rehoming Information

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Do you own the Dog you are filing this form in for?
Please provide the microchip number of the dog you are rehoming
Is your dog neutered?
Is your dog micro-chipped
Please tell us what your dog’s personality is like? Calm/playful etc?
Is your dog good on a lead?
How is your dog around food? Any food aggression etc
How is your dog with other dogs
How is your dog with people
How is your dog with children
Any bite history
How is your dog around cat / small furries
Is your dog house trained?
Is your dog crate trained?
Does your dog sleep well at night?
Does your dog have any separation anxiety?
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 12 files.
Selection of photos (up to 12) – a picture speaks a thousand words as they say! Try to include a variety of pics up close and further away, inside and outside on a walk or in the garden.
Anything else you can think of to bulk out the ad would be great – the more info the better
Signing this form, I ensure that the information is accurate and correct as far as my knowledge and I have been truthful in my account of this dog. I agree to the rehoming of this dog by Saving Souls Animal Rescue.

What Happens Next?

What happens next?

  1. We will post your dogs details on our website and social media.
  2. We will contact you when we have any applicants and you will be expected to allow them to meet your dog first for a meet and greet.
  3. If the applicant wants to proceed with the adoption of your dog then the microchip must be transferred into their name before the dog moves.