Adoption Contract Form

This Adoption Contract Form is the basis of a contract between you and Saving Souls Animal Rescue to ensure the welfare of your new rescue dog. It is important that you take time to read it carefully and commit to all of our conditions of adoption.

Adoption Contract Form

Saving Souls Animal Rescue takes every adoption seriously and will endeavour to make sure the right dog is placed in the right home as well as offer lifetime backup for each adopted dog. So for you, adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment and it is for us too.
Your signature on this form indicates that you understand and agree to:
•       Not sell or give away the dog under any circumstances
•       Return the dog to Saving Souls Animal Rescue if you become unable to care for it for any reason
•       If you adopt a puppy, you will arrange for it to be neutered when deemed old enough by your veterinary surgeon
•       Provide the dog with the appropriate diet, water, exercise, shelter and company
•       Only use positive reinforcement when training the dog and to take the dog to professional training if required
•       Register the dog with a vet and also consider taking out pet insurance, which we highly recommend you do
•       Provide the dog with appropriate vet care as and when required
•       The dog should be an indoor dog and not kept outside for long periods of time
•       Ensure that the dog will not be left for long periods during the day without someone coming in to check on the dog and walk it
•       Not to seek profit from the dog by way of racing, fighting or breeding
•       Ensure that the dog wears a tag with your contact details should it get lost or be stolen
•       Saving Souls Animal Rescue registers your dog’s microchip after your dog has arrived in the U.K. Please complete our online form: Microchip Registration Form
•       Saving Souls Animal Rescue reserve the right post adoption to visit the dog with prior agreement. However, should we have any reasons for concern about the dogs welfare, we reserve the right to visit regardless
All dogs are fully vaccinated, flea and tick treated, wormed etc. and are vet checked prior to departure. You will be made aware of any previous existing conditions prior to adoption.
Saving Souls Animal Rescue agree to offer you full support regarding the welfare of the dog should you require help at any time.
Should the adoption fail, Saving Souls Animal Rescue will take the dog from you and rehome it, under no circumstances rehome it yourself please! This is part of our lifetime backup service and our lifetime commitment to every dog we rehome.
Saving Souls Animal Rescue have different adoption fees depending on where the dog is being rehomed from and the amount will be agreed at the application stage.
This amount may also vary depending on the dog adopted. The adoption fee for overseas dogs covers the following:-
·      Full Blood Test
·      Vaccinations
·      Microchipping
·      Neutering if old enough
·      Parasite Treatment
·      Vet Health Check
·      Import and Export paperwork
·      Cost of Flight
·      Cost of Courier
·      Registration of the dogs microchip is NOT included and is an additional cost of £20
The adoption fee will be payable as soon as a successful home check has been completed, assuming you have already chosen a dog. If not, then as soon as you choose which dog you wish to adopt. This will enable Saving Souls Animal Rescue to book the flight and/or courier and have the funds readily available to pay for them.
Thank you so much for choosing to adopt a dog through Saving Souls Animal Rescue. We passionately care about the fact there are so many dogs in the UK and worldwide looking for homes and you have just changed the world for one dog.
At Saving Souls Animal Rescue we make every effort to ensure your dog is healthy prior to it being handed into your care. Therefore, unless an existing condition is known, we cannot accept any financial responsibility for any medical issues which may arise after the dog is in your possession.

Adoption Contract

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What Happens Next?

What happens next?

  1. Remember to register your Dog’s Microchip: Microchip Form
  2. Prepare for your dogs arrival, you will need a slip lead when you collect your dog. We also advise you to get a harness, double lead and long line.
  3. Please join our adopters Facebook group Saved Souls so we can keep updated on their new life.

Thank you for adopting through Saving Souls Animal Rescue.

If you would rather download the form to send us then you can download it here: